Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V8.00

Unlock the potential for continuous profit with BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V8.00, the automated trading system that aligns with your trading strategy.

It is the automated trading system?

Yes, it is 100% automated trading system.

What minimum deposit requires for BlackDiamond_SpecialEa?

Minimum deposit 100$ good enough to start trading.

Which broker BlackDiamond_SpecialEa suitable?

Any broker is suitable for BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V8.00

What type of account Ea can trade?

Any account type this special system can work.

Which pair suitable for trade by Special EA?

BlackDiamond_SpecialEa works well with many currency pairs, but we recommend EURUSD due to a 90% trading accuracy.

What leverage need for Ea trading?

Any leverage, But best is 1:500.

For BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V8.00 what spread best?

Actually, BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V8.00 can effort any kind of spread, the max broker provides 10 to 16 spread for the pair, So it's really suitable for that spread.

It is long or scalping EA?

BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V8.00 based on both system. So this special system suitable for both trade.

Which version currently are you selling?

V8.00 currently we selling.

Is there any other version in the market of BalckDiamond_SpecialEA?

NO, There is no OTHER version in Market, Only V 8.00, Which is the latest.

Where you sell BlackDiamond_SpecialEa?

We sell Ea ONLY our web site, FACEBOOK, SKYPE & by EMAIL, TELEGRAM.

If the company updates the EA after purchasing, will they also provide the latest version as Free?

If you have purchased either our BlackDiamond Pro or Unlimited version, you are entitled to a free update of our Expert Advisor (EA) if you decide to upgrade to the latest version, such as 8.5 or 9.00. However, to be eligible for a free update, customers who have the Basic version must provide us with their trading results from the previous month through our system. If clients are unable to provide at least one month's worth of trading results, they will need to repurchase the system.

What did you send after making a purchase? How?

Once you purchase, we will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to install the Forex Robot, including a setfile for both long and short trades. The instructions and .EXE file will be emailed to you.

How long does it take for you to receive the EA after buying?

After you have successfully completed and confirmed your payment, we will update our database and send the BlackDiamond_SpecialEa to your email address within 24 hours. However, we will try to send it within 1 or 2 hours.

What steps should I take if I want to buy Blackdiamond Special Ea

Please navigate to the pricing plans section and select the plan that suits your needs. Proceed with making the payment, and once it is completed, kindly contact us via INSTAGRAM, EMAIL, or TELEGRAM. In your message, please provide us with your MQL4 platform name and email address. Upon receipt of your message, we will send you the EA to your email address.

How much max DD on Live or Demo Account?

Actually in very low-risk settings with 5% - 9%, Mid risk setting is 12% to 20%

Has Black Diamond Special Ea meet the FTMO/PROP firm's challenge?

Absulately, It has been confirmed that the BlackDiamond Special EA Pass is compatible with the FTMO/PROP firm challenge. The software comes with a special set file that is specifically designed to provide optimal results for any type of challenge. To increase your chances of success in the prop firm challenge, it is recommended that you purchase the BlackDiamond Special EA V8.00 Pro Version.

Would like to test your robot and see how it works?

Simply send us a message on Facebook, Telegram, or via email, and we'll provide you with the EA for a check and backtest with your broker.

"How much profit can I expect monthly, at a basic level?"

Regarding profits, our BalckDiamond_SpecialEA V8.00 can generate a minimum of 30% to 90% profit on a monthly basis, provided that the market conditions are favorable for the EA. In certain situations where the market conditions are highly favorable, this special system can even generate profits of up to 120% to 150%.

Do you believe that an EA generating a profit of 20 to 40% per month is considered professional?

"Yes, absolutely. If an EA can generate such a high percentage of profit within a month, it is undoubtedly a professional one. Moreover, if the market conditions are favorable, it can even earn more. Hence, it is a very efficient EA."

I am very much interested in buying BlackDiamond_SpecialEa V8.00. But I don't have those payment options, What do I do?

Send us a message with your preferred payment option and we'll ensure a smooth transaction.

Want Refund What Should Need To Do ?

Please be aware that buying EA (Expert Advisor) comes with its own risks. We have changed our policy due to some issues - we no longer provide refunds after purchase. This is because some customers tend to disregard our rules once they start making profits. They become overconfident and do not use any stop loss or the set file that we provide to our clients. As a result, they trade at their own risk. Therefore, we have decided to stop providing refunds. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Did Your System Really Wiped-Out Account Balance

Honestly, no, not ever. Every client receives our best-set file, and we provide recommended lot settings to ensure clients never lose their account balance.